Author Services

Fellow authors, I (along with my DH) offer the following services:

TNT Plots LogoOutlines

Outlines in romance, fantasy, SF, and UF. Fill out the form here to request a booking.


Prices (for romance)*:
$200 for 15-25k novellas
$250 up to 40k
$275 41-49k
$300 50-59k
$325 60-69k
$350 70-79k

I will be evaluating 80K+ outlines on an individual basis, since longer is harder to plot, and some require more work than others. I probably won’t take on many 80k+ projects.

*These prices are for straightforward plots that don’t require a lot of background setting, world-building, or becoming knowledgeable about a complex topic. Plots that require a lot of research will be more than the listed prices.

SF, UF, and fantasy are still John’s domain. He sets his own prices, but will be charging $325 and up, depending on length, complexity, and world-building.

We also plot series! We can start with one and add more if your series is successful, or we can do the whole series at one time.
We also typically offer a discount for booking multiple books in a series at the same time!

You will be billed for 1/2 the cost of custom plots in advance. I will email a reminder for the other half of the invoice. Full payment must be received before I send the completed outline or outlines.

SB_logoStory Builders

These are designed to guide you through the process of writing various lengths and niches of romance.  They are reusable for infinite projects in that niche. I’ll add to the selection as time permits.



power couple 4 v2_png_iconCovers and 3D Image Rendering

We provide limited cover services, and prices vary. Vector-style cozy mystery covers are a specialty, and we also feature some covers combining traditional photos and manipulations with 3D rendered images. Query us at if you’d like to order a cover, or if you’d like to order a custom-rendered image of one or more people for you or a cover artist.

Here is an example of a hybrid cover and also a rendered image without any manipulation:

black couple

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