Biology Lessons

After Mr. Jordan catches Beth in a compromising position, he assigns her detention. When Beth shows up for her punishment, she’s surprised by Mr. Jordan’s intention to give her “biology” lessons. Having had a crush on him all year, she’s eager to learn. It’s against the rules, but rules were made to be broken.

SpicyShorts are compact tales that can be read in a brief amount of time with no cliffhanger endings or multiple parts.

Excerpt (Contains Adult Material)

He seemed pretty stunned too. “What the hell are you two doing?”

She blinked to hear him curse, but it probably wasn’t unusual for anyone to curse in these circumstances, even a teacher. She felt like cursing herself. Or vomiting. Maybe both.

“Uh…” Jamie seemed lost for words as he tucked his now-limp cock back into his pants.

Mr. Jordan shook his head. “What are you two thinking? You’re in high school, in the middle of the day.”

Beth got to her feet, hanging her head to avoid meeting the teacher’s disapproving gaze. He was her favorite instructor, so it was even worse to have him discover them.

“You don’t have any classes this time of day, Mr. Jordan,” said Jamie. “We thought the biology supply room would be okay. I mean, we didn’t think anyone would be here.”

“Obviously,” said Mr. Jordan.

Beth glanced up at his sarcastic tone, finding one of the teacher’s dark brows arched. He ran a hand through his short hair, tousling the brown waves. It was definitely inappropriate to notice how green his eyes were with the taste of Jamie’s pre-cum still on her tongue.

“Come on out of there.” Mr. Jordan’s gaze settled on her. “Get dressed first, Miss Tanner.”

Beth’s already flushed cheeks got even hotter when she remembered she was standing in front of the teacher in just a black bra and a pair of jeans. She spun away from Jamie and Mr. Jordan to slip on her sweater. Reluctantly, she followed Jamie from the supply room. The overhead lighting, coupled with the sunlight from the windows streaming into the lab/classroom, were particularly harsh after the gloom of the store room.

“Sit down.” Mr. Jordan directed them toward one of the black tables, where they sat side by side. He drew up a chair from a table in front of theirs, flipping it to face them.

“My mom is going to kill me.” Beth cringed, imagining the scene.

Mr. Jordan sighed. “What were you two thinking?”

Jamie shrugged. “We don’t get to see each other outside of school. Her mom is super strict.”

Beth nodded miserably. Her mother kept a tight rein on her, trying to keep Beth from ending up a teenage mom, like she had been.

“What’s going to happen to us?” asked Jamie.

The teacher shrugged. “I’m sure you’ll be suspended, maybe even expelled.”

Jamie leaned forward. “You can’t do that! If I’m suspended, I can’t play. I don’t play, and my shot at a scholarship goes bye-bye.”

“I’m not doing anything, Mr. Torres. You two are the ones who got yourselves into this mess.”

“Please don’t tell,” said Beth, struggling to fight back tears. She shuddered, already feeling the sting of the belt across her back. Her mother rarely resorted to physical punishment these days, but when she did, it was extreme.

Mr. Jordan gazed at her for a moment with a strange expression. He finally nodded. “All right, but you’re both in detention.”

“Anything,” said Beth.

“Jamie, you’ll join me this evening for detention.” Mr. Jordan took his phone from his pocket, obviously checking his schedule. “Seven sharp.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Beth, you’ll come tomorrow night at seven.”

She frowned. “My mom won’t let me out. She’ll think I’m sneaking off to meet Jamie.”

He looked thoughtful before nodding. “I’ll write you a note, requesting you join our study session.” The first smile appeared on his face since the discovery. “I’ll tell her I need you as an assistant. With your brains, she’d never believe you’re struggling with your grades.”

His offhanded praise would have given her pleasure in other circumstances. “Thank you, Mr. Jordan.”

Expression solemn again, Mr. Jordan said, “I’d better never catch you two like this again.”

“No, sir,” said Jamie.

Beth shook her head. “I promise.” A sense of lightness filled her, and she realized it was a relief not to have to sneak around to meet Jamie anymore. What did that mean? If she really loved him, wouldn’t she be frantically thinking of somewhere else they could meet? Was that the reason she had been holding off on actually having sex with her boyfriend? She’d thought it had more to do with her strict upbringing and Mom’s constant harping on the dangers of sex having embedded in her psyche. Now, she wasn’t so sure.

Beth arrived a few minutes early, determined not to give Mr. Jordan a reason to regret his decision. The classroom was locked, so she leaned against the door, dropping her backpack at her feet. She didn’t really need anything in there, but it would have looked strange to her mother if she hadn’t brought it for studying. To her surprise, Mom hadn’t protested at all. She’d given one of her few compliments. “I’m glad he’s recognizing your value. It will look good on your transcripts.”

She sighed. Transcripts. It all came down to grades and transcripts for her mother. It was the sole reason she allowed Beth to play volleyball and be on the Quiz Bowl team. Otherwise, she’d probably lock Beth away in her bedroom when she wasn’t in school.

She looked up at the sound of footsteps, eyes widening at seeing Mr. Jordan dressed so casually. He usually wore button-down shirts and slacks, sometimes with a tie. Tonight, he wore old jeans that hugged his body and a navy polo shirt. Highlights of blond shone in his damp hair, and she assumed he had been to the gym or the swimming pool recently, requiring a shower. Her heart fluttered a bit as he drew closer, and she cast a look at her own clothing. She’d worn track pants and an older T-shirt, expecting to do gross things. Mr. Jordan had made Jamie clean out all the dissection pans and dispose of the remains of the earthworms his sixth period class had dissected that day.

“Good evening, Beth.”

“Hi.” It was hard to meet his eyes. She often had trouble looking at him anyway, but yesterday’s events had left her even more awkward and embarrassed around him. With a side step, she moved away from the door.

He brushed against her as he unlocked the door, and she trembled at the contact. Her heart raced like it had the first time Jamie had asked her out. What was wrong with her tonight?

She preceded him into the biology classroom, dropping her backpack on the closest table. “What would you like me to do, Mr. Jordan?”

He waved toward the supply room. “You’ll be in there tonight.”

Returning to the scene of the crime. She groaned inwardly at the thought. On the plus side, it was better to conduct inventory or organize the store room than to clean up worm guts.

She followed Mr. Jordan into the supply room. He closed the door behind her before moving aside to turn on the light. No, he wasn’t turning it on. He was just leaning against the door, near the light switch. At first, she thought the lights were already on, but then her brain processed the scene, and she realized the glow came from candles. Dozens of candles placed around the room, forming a wide circle around the air mattress and blankets arranged in the center of the room.

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