Claimed By The Cop

Bad Boys in Blue…good cops doing bad, bad things for love.
Lexie plans to give her virginity to her boyfriend while she has the house to herself. She doesn’t expect the cop who delights in tormenting her to interrupt them. When Ryan demands to take Jason’s place, she’s certain it’s just another one of his games. This time, she isn’t going to beg him to stop and calls his bluff. As he joins her on the bed, she realizes it isn’t a game and never has been. Could the guy who thrives on teasing her be in love with her, and is it possible she feels the same? Does she secretly long to have his baby?

This is a QuikRead and the perfect length to finish during the morning commute or while waiting for an appointment. No cliffhangers!

Excerpt (Contains Adult Material)

Lexie winced when Jason rubbed her clit too enthusiastically, but didn’t want to ask him to switch his angle again after having made the request twice already. He was still rubbing in a way that felt pretty good, and if she angled her hips a little awkwardly, she could… ah, that was the spot. She closed her eyes again, humping his hand as he stroked her to a climax that left her shuddering and breathing harshly.

“You okay, babe?” He looked so earnest, with his handsome tanned face and overly long blond locks, bleached almost white from all the time he spent on the beach. “Did you get there?”

She smiled and nodded. “Yeah.” Lexie leaned forward to kiss him at the same time he leaned toward her, making them bump noses. “Ow,” she said with a giggle.

He blushed and moved slower, until their lips touched gently together. She parted hers to let him inside, biting back a small surge of impatience when he plopped his whole tongue inside. Did he invite his uvula along for the party too? That was why she hated kissing. It was messy and gross, but she put up with it because she knew he liked it.

Jason stroked her breast, palming it to press lightly against her nipples. When he drew back, he gazed at her with cautious concern. “You still want to do it?”

She nodded, ignoring a bit of hesitation. Eighteen and still a virgin. It was definitely time, and Jason was such a sweet guy. It was likely to be awkward and not-so-great sex, but they could practice until it got better. There was no reason to wait. Right? Something teased at the back of her mind, but she ruthlessly quashed any epiphanies she didn’t want.

With fumbling eagerness, he soon shed his board shorts and returned to the bed, where they were both naked. Jason lay down on top of her, looking a little scared. “Do you have any condoms? I think I left the box in my van.”

For some reason, that made her giggle, and she reached with a blind hand for the drawer on her nightstand, sliding it open to retrieve one of the foil packets she’d left there. As she handed it to him, they both jumped at the sound of her door slamming against the wall.

“What the fuck is going on here, Lex?”

She gasped with dismay at the sight of her stepbrother standing in the doorway. “What the hell are you doing here?” Ryan didn’t even live here, so why was he barging into her room? Lexie reached for her blanket, trying to cover them both.

“Leave it.” The authoritative command as he used his cop voice on her made her freeze for a second. He was in his uniform too, and she couldn’t help staring at his…gun. “You wait until Dad and Evelyn leave for the weekend to sneak in a boy?” He grinned at her as he clicked his tongue. “How very naughty of you, sis.”

“I’m not your sister.” Jason rolled off her and handed her a pillow before covering himself with one. “And why are you here?”

“They asked me to check on you.”

She narrowed her eyes. “At eleven p.m. on a Saturday night?”

He lifted a broadly muscled shoulder in a way that drew her gaze higher, to the neatly chiseled plains of his face and short dark hair. His green eyes danced with merriment, but something else. Something darker. Something she didn’t want to label, because it made her shiver in a not-entirely-unpleasant way. “I was headed home after my shift, and I saw a strange car in the driveway.”

“You could have just knocked. Or phoned.” She hissed the suggestion as Jason shifted uncomfortably beside her. “You’ve ruined everything, so you might as well go home.”

To her consternation, Ryan strolled deeper into her room, grabbing the office chair and dragging it behind him as he approached the bed. “Nah, I don’t think so. I’m going to hang around for the show.”

“You’re sick, man.” Jason trembled when he said the words, but she gave him points for the courage to speak against her stepbrother.

“He’s just fucking with us, Jase.” She tossed strands of bright magenta over her shoulders. “Just get out, Ryan, and I won’t tell your dad you barged into my room while I was naked.”

He laughed, a sound of dark delight. “I think that won’t matter much when he finds out this pathetic schmuck was also naked on top of you.” Ryan sat down in the chair backward, propping his arms on the back of the chair. The purple metal and fuzzy cushion looked ridiculously fragile under his large frame. “Besides, what would he do to me? I don’t live at home. I’m not the one who has to follow their rules or get out.” He waved at Jason. “That is a pretty big rule violation right there, unless our parents have suddenly gotten cool about the idea of their kids fucking around in their house.”

She couldn’t meet his green gaze with her troubled brown eyes. No, Mom and Greg had not magically gotten cool with the idea. They expected their kids to be conservative like they were and wait for marriage. Half the reason she’d invited Jason over to fuck him was because she knew her parents would have been angry at her rebellion. How silly it was to be rebelling at eighteen, when she was about to be a freshman in college?

“So here’s the deal. You put on a show for me, and I won’t say a word. If you don’t, and I have to tell them, do you think they’ll let you stay? Keep paying your tuition? Let you drive that little hatchback Evelyn gave you when Dad bought her the Mercedes for their fifth anniversary last year?”

She glared at him. “Why are you doing this?”

He lifted his shoulder. “Mostly because I’m bored, and because I can.” Ryan winked at Jason. “You know how much fun it is to harass your sister, right?”

Jason shook his head, mumbling, “I’m an only child.”

“Too bad. Well, fuck my sister, and we’ll call it a night.”

“I am not your sister.” Without thought, Lexie tossed the pillow she’d been holding against her naked body at him. He didn’t even flinch as he caught it in midair. His chuckling pissed her off, and she decided two could play his stupid game. It was a matter of who would cry uncle first. He might have been six years older than her, and had only lived with them briefly during his time at the academy, but she remembered how he used to find ways to torture her, not stopping until she begged him to quit.

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