Double Delights

What’s worse than losing your fiancé? Having him break the news two weeks before the wedding during dinner with his family. Tamsyn is shamed by the way Will handles things, but so grateful when his identical brothers step in to take care of her.

It turns out Dean and Evan want to do more than care for the curvy beauty. The men share everything, and Tamsyn is just the wife they want. If she’s brave enough to explore the option, she might find they are exactly what she needs.


“My mouth is on fire.” She licked her lips, wincing at the slight tingle remaining from the spice. “How do you two stand that heat level?”

“We like it hot.”

She glanced at him from the corner of her eye, certain she had detected a hint of smokiness in his reply. “But my mouth—”

Dean sighed, suddenly turning to face her. “Let me show you how to cool it down.”

Before Tamsyn could ask more, his lips slanted over hers in a firm kiss. She almost jerked back in shock, but her second impulse urged her closer. Her mouth tingled in a new way now as his tongue licked her lips, lightly coaxing them to part at the seam. She moaned when his tongue swept inside her mouth to flirt with hers.

She had no idea where the kiss might have led if the sound of the door opening hadn’t made her jump away from him like a scalded cat. Her heart raced in her ears, and she stared at him with wide eyes, uncertain how to feel or what to think. To her surprise, and his, she said, “That didn’t really cool me off.”

His lips twitched. “Yeah, me neither. Go get your ice cream and see if that helps.”

She was happy to have the excuse to flee and got to her feet to join Evan in the kitchen. He had already unpacked two cartons of ice cream, along with several toppings. Tamsyn kept her gaze on the dessert and bowls, feeling the flush of guilt turning her cheeks hot and making it impossible to look at him. Why did she feel guilty for kissing his brother?

The obvious answer was she was just a few days out from a broken engagement to their brother, and she should feel ashamed for having kissed anyone so soon after the relationship ended. There was an element of truth to that reasoning, but she knew it wasn’t the whole truth.

There was a more personal part too, as though she had betrayed Evan by kissing Dean. Was it because she saw them as a unit, and she felt like she had been wrong to kiss just one? She had no idea, but knew she felt unbalanced or something.

She helped Evan serve the ice cream without saying much. He was frowning by the time they’d finished scooping vanilla and chocolate in the bowls, before covering it all with strawberry sauce and chopped nuts. He held the whipped cream can and adorned each sundae with a curl of cream.

“How’s your mouth?”

Her eyes widened. Had he somehow guessed? “Uh…”

“Here, this should help cool it down.” He brought the nozzle of the can to her mouth.

On autopilot, she opened up so he could spray a shot inside. A gob filled her mouth, and she swallowed quickly.

“Oops, missed some.” He pointed to the corner of her mouth. “Let me.” His tone had deepened.

She watched, mesmerized, as Evan bent down while he nudged her chin upward. It didn’t even occur to her try to evade his mouth as it settled on hers. His lips were firm, yet soft, stroking against hers in a teasing way before his tongue flicked out to lick the cream from the corner of her mouth.

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