Erin’s Unexpected Lover

On the night Erin decides to give in to her boyfriend’s increasingly pressured demands for sex, she discovers Chip has already moved on. Devastated by his cheating, she finds sympathy in an unlikely person—Chip’s father. Jared comforts Erin, but his soothing caresses change to something more. She will lose her virginity as planned, but to an unexpected lover in an all-consuming tide of passion that allows no room for thinking about little things like condoms or consequences…

This is a QuikRead and the perfect length to finish during the morning commute or while waiting for an appointment. No cliffhangers!


“You’re just being selfish.”

“No, I’m just not ready yet, Chip. I want it to be special.”

He scoffed. “I’m not special enough for you? It hurts my feelings, makes me think you don’t trust me, when you tell me no all the time.”

She wrung her hands, frustrated and overwhelmed. “I do trust you, Chip, but you can’t expect me to have sex with you in the backseat of your car.”

“Fine, then don’t.” He sat up and clambered back over to the front seat, not waiting for her to right her clothes or even sit up fully in the back and put on a seatbelt before turning on the engine and peeling out of the lookout point’s parking lot. A few minutes later, he dropped her off at her house. “You can’t expect me to wait forever, Erin. A man has needs.” Then he drove off with a squeal of tires against the road.

That had been two nights ago, and Erin couldn’t help reliving the fight over and over in her mind as she drove across town to the Maxwell residence, where Chip lived with his father. She had done some hard thinking and finally decided she was holding back on sex because she was afraid of it hurting. Chip cared about her, and he would do his best to make it not hurt. She might be a virgin at nineteen, but he was twenty and had already had several girlfriends, so he would know how to be a tender lover.

Erin hoped he wouldn’t still be angry with her. She had gone to a lot of trouble to prepare for him tonight, planning to surprise him with her surrender to his increasingly urgent requests for lovemaking. After two months, she supposed it was time, and it certainly wasn’t unreasonable of him to expect their relationship to deepen. It was the next natural step, and she’d been silly about holding off so long.

Chip’s dad owned the largest house in the area. The three-story home sprawled across the edge of a bluff overlooking the ocean. The place had tight security, and she used the badge Chip had recently given her to let herself in through the electronic gate. She drove her third-hand car up the winding drive, parking near the circular loop that ran around the front of the house.

Erin took a moment to flip open the mirror on her visor and assess her appearance. She’d curled her hair and left it floating free in a cloud of amber-brown that framed her heart-shaped face and offset her tawny eyes. Makeup had subtly emphasized the shape of her lips and highlighted her cheekbones. Thankfully, her older sister knew a lot about beauty, working at a salon, and had assisted her with the evening’s preparations.

After adjusting her breasts to better hide her nipples, she smoothed down the lime-green fabric as she got out of the car. The dress and matching platform heels were loaners from her sister, who was fully supportive of her decision to press ahead with giving Chip her virginity.

The clear platforms were hard to walk in, but she’d mostly mastered them by the time she climbed the marble stairs and reached the front door. The butler opened it a moment later, wearing a fierce frown.

That made Erin frown. She’d been to the house several times, and Mr. Edwin had always maintained a neutral expression, much like the sentinels at Buckingham Palace. To see him displeased was disconcerting. “Um, hello, Mr. Edwin.”

After a second, his expression cleared, resuming its accustomed blandness. “Good evening, Ms. Pennibaker.”

“I’m here to see Chip.”

“Of course.” With what appeared to be a deep sigh, he escorted her inside and waved up the stairs. “Master Maxwell is in his room, miss.”

Feeling bemused by the butler’s strange reaction, she made her way up two of the three flights of stairs. Chip’s room was on the second floor, so she’d never had reason to venture to the top floor, where Jared Maxwell had his living quarters. His dad was a little intimidating, so she tended to shy away from his presence.

When she reached Chip’s door, Erin thought about knocking, but hesitated. In her mind’s eye, she pictured slipping inside, untying the two bows that kept the wrap-dress on, and letting it fall to her feet. He would be shocked, and pleased, to discover she wore nothing underneath.

Emboldened by his perceived reaction, Erin twisted the knob and opened the door quietly. She stepped past the doorjamb, hands on the bow at her side, but froze. A gasp escaped her, followed by a choked cry. She shook her head, wanting to deny what her eyes saw.

Chip was on his bed with a naked woman. His bare ass jiggled rhythmically as he plowed into his partner, who was cooing and calling his name in a squeaky voice that sounded a bit like a pigeon.

“Chip?” Even as she said his name, begging for some excuse, something to let her believe she wasn’t seeing what she was, her heart shattered in her chest. The guilty way he froze, and then jumped off his partner, broadcast his actions just as clearly as the sight of him fucking her. “Oh, Chip.”

“Erin?” He frowned, looking disconcerted for a moment, before his expression hardened. “What are you doing here?”

“I…” No way was she going to reveal what her plans had been. Plans that had withered and died in a second. “Oh, never mind, you bastard.” Tears scalded her eyes, and she wanted to turn and run from the room, but something kept her rooted to the spot.

Without making any attempt to hide his nudity, Chip shrugged, facing her fully with his still-hard cock waggling around. “What’d you expect? If you don’t want to act like a woman, it’s your fault I had to go elsewhere. I’m done playing virginal games with you, Erin.”

“And I’m done with you.” Erin’s hands shook as she ripped off the necklace he’d given her a couple of weeks ago. It was the only thing she wore besides the dress and shoes. It cut into her neck a bit, but she didn’t really notice the pain as the metal broke. With all her strength, she hurled it at the boy she had foolishly thought she loved and spun on her ridiculously high shoes.

Tears scalded her cheeks, and a sob broke free from her as she left his room, racing toward the stairwell. Her damned shoes picked that moment to fail her, and she went flying, landing hard on her butt. The pain of her tailbone colliding with the hardwood floor made her cry out, and new tears spilled from her. She wasn’t even entirely sure if she was crying because of Chip’s betrayal, the pain in her ass, or both.

“Erin, what’s going on?”

She looked up at the sound of Jared’s slightly stern voice above her. He loomed over her in a black silk robe that gaped open to display a generous expanse of her ex-boyfriend’s father’s chest. Erin averted her eyes and tried to stand up. To her surprise, Jared bent down to lift her into his arms.

She should protest and insist on walking, but it was nice to have warm arms holding her, offering her comfort, even if their owner didn’t realize he was doing so. Erin buried her face against the silk of his robe, letting her tears soak into the expensive material.

He carried her up the stairs, but she didn’t pay much attention to their surroundings until he lowered her onto a chaise lounge a few minutes later. As Jared sat beside her, she swiped at her cheeks and looked around, startled to find herself in what must be the older man’s room. It was luxurious, but tasteful, and she briefly marveled that people lived like this every day.

He patted her back. “Tell me what’s wrong, Erin.”

No, his voice wasn’t stern. That was just a natural note of authority, she realized. Nodding, she whispered, “I fell and hurt my bu…self.”

“Poor girl.” He frowned. “Surely not all this is because of a fall? And why wasn’t Chip there to help you?”

She sniffled. “He’s too busy with the girl in his room.”

Jared’s handsome features conformed into an expression of sympathy. “Oh, I’m so sorry.” He rubbed her back in small circles. “My son is an idiot.”

Erin shook her head. “It’s my fault.” Tears leaked from her eyes anew, and she bent forward, not hesitating to accept the shoulder he offered.

“How could it be your fault?” he asked, his voice rumbling through his chest against her ear.

“I wouldn’t…” She sniffed again, trying to regain control. “I wasn’t ready to sleep with him, so he found someone who would.”

Jared cursed. “That idiot.” He hugged her tightly. “I’ve always tried to teach Chip to go for substance over flash, but he has too much in common with his mother.”

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