Guarding Isis

Isis Zaccaris is an infuriating brat, who is always giving her bodyguard the slip, this time by jumping out of a moving vehicle. When Shawn Vallero tracks her to a cheap hotel room with a skinny boy, his anger reaches the boiling point. Pushed beyond his limits, he ends up dishing out a sound spanking to the spoiled young woman. In the process, they both come to the startling revelation that they want each other. Sex with Isis promises to be amazing, but will Shawn be brave enough to open up to her and tell her the fantasy he has of putting a baby in her belly and watching it grow round with his child?

This is a QuikRead and the perfect length to finish during the morning commute or while waiting for an appointment. No cliffhangers!


Shawn was steaming with rage. In the two years he’d been responsible for Isis’s safety, he didn’t think she had ever made him this angry before—and she was a trial for any of her bodyguards, with her constant escape attempts and reckless disregard for her safety. She just didn’t seem to understand that being the daughter of one of the five richest men in the world came with certain dangers. No, the spoiled brat would rather have a good time than worry about if she was safe.

Fortunately, after the last time she had done a runner on him by squeezing out a bathroom window at a gas station, Shawn had resorted to more underhanded tactics. He’d stolen the bracelet her mother had left her, the one she only took off at night, installed a tracking chip, and had it back in her jewelry box before she’d woken up the next morning.

The GPS chip had led him right to her present location, just in time to see her entering the motel room with some young loser. Gnashing his teeth, he cut across traffic, ignoring the honks and fingers directed toward him, and ran to the modest motel. The door was closed by the time he got to the room Isis had entered, but he kicked it, and the entrance slammed open.

Shawn crossed the threshold, briefly amused at the terrified look on the little shit’s face. The boy had turned pale and was half-hiding behind Isis, who just looked annoyed. “Go away,” she said, her haughty drawl ratcheting up his anger another notch.

Staring down the young man, he said one word, “Out.”

The boy looked like he almost considered arguing for a minute, but chose not to face the solidly built bodyguard, who outweighed him by at least fifty pounds of pure muscle, and who was a good six inches taller. Without even glancing at Isis, he grabbed a bag off the bed and darted around Shawn, running the entire way.

Rage still coursed through Shawn, along with another emotion he didn’t want to examine too closely. With a decisive click, he closed the door firmly, watching the young woman without bothering to hide his anger.

She glared at him, her dark brown eyes smoldering. “Why can’t you just leave me alone, Shawn? I want some time to myself. I won’t even tell my father.”

Shawn unfastened his suit jacket, pulling it off and draping it over a chair, as he walked toward her. “My job is to protect you, apparently from yourself. What kind of idiot jumps out of a moving car?”

She scrunched her nose. “You were slowing down for a stoplight. It was barely moving.” Rolling her eyes, she tossed back her ebony hair, falling past her shoulders in straight perfection. “I don’t need protecting. No one is out to get me. What’s the worst that could happen?”

He literally saw red for a moment, and it wasn’t from the scarlet lipstick that contrasted so nicely with her mocha skin. It was pure fury at her willful stupidity. “What’s the worst that could happen?” Ripping off his tie, which made her eyes widen nervously, he stalked toward her. “The worst is someone could grab you.” He picked her up, turning her writhing body in his arms as he did so. “They could pin you to a wall.” Shawn pushed her against the plain white wall. “Before you could stop them, they could tie you up.” He wound his tie around her wrists, double knotting for good measure. “Then you’re at the mercy of whoever kidnapped you. Is that what you want?”

She tugged at the tie. “I want you to untie me.” She spun around, back pressed against the wall. “You’re so fired.”

“I work for Mr. Zaccaris, not you, Isis.”

Almost spitting in her anger, she hopped onto the balls of her feet. “Not for long. When I tell Daddy that you tied me up and hurt me, he’s going to fire you. You’ll never work again. Knowing Daddy, he’ll probably sick some of his other goons on you, and you’ll never walk again either.”

Shawn’s eyes narrowed. “I haven’t hurt you. Yet.”

Isis swallowed, but the flicker of fear soon disappeared. “It’s your word against mine,” she said coyly.

Shawn was good at holding in his anger, at coping with her brattiness, but she’d pushed him too far. “Fine.” He jerked her forward, his hand around her upper arm. “If I’m going down for your allegation, I’m making it happen. You want pain, I’ll give it to you.”

“Stop.” She struggled against his hold. “Let go of me.”

“You need some discipline, little girl. You’re never going to get it elsewhere, so I might as well serve you some before I go.” He sat on the bed, dragging her down with him.

She landed on her stomach with an, “Oomph.” He arranged her struggling body across his lap, her ass in just the right place for his hand. Shawn flipped up her skirt, briefly distracted by the sight of the tiny white thong she wore, which essentially left her ass cheeks bared. The shade of café au lait, her rounded cheeks seemed made for the pink blush of a good spanking. His cock twitched at the thought, and he was questioning the wisdom of continuing with what he’d started when she spoke again.

“You stop this right now, Shawn Vallero. You’ve proven your point.” Isis was still straining to get away.

Her demanding tone set his teeth on edge. He’d endured that same tone multiple times per day for the last two years, and he was sick of it. Someone needed to teach her she wasn’t queen of the world, and she couldn’t make stupid mistakes just because she was young and beautiful. Shawn put a restraining hand on her lower back, pushing her body more firmly against his legs. Without speaking, he lifted his hand, delivering the first solid smack of his bare palm against her naked ass.

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