Julie and the Deputy

Bad Boys In Blue…good cops doing bad things for love.

Busted for underage drinking by Deputy Reynolds, her friend’s older brother, Julie tries to convince him to look the other way as he has for past infractions. He’s done indulging her or covering for her with her father, the sheriff, so she tries a new way to persuade him. Julie’s methods leave Derek no doubt she’ll do anything to be with him, including wear his ring and have his baby.


Julie pushed her way through the crowd of partiers fleeing the underage drinking party hosted by Benji Shultz. She hoped he didn’t get in too much trouble with the cops and his folks, but she was more worried about her best friend. She and Sera had gotten separated shortly after their arrival at the party. She’d allowed Eric Foster to drag her off to a darkened corner for a lot of flirting and a little touching, and Sera had drifted away.

Cutting through the woods proved to be a smart move, as she managed to avoid the milling deputies. Her heart thudded with dread at the idea of running into her father, who would be Sheriff Robinson in those circumstances, not Dad. With only a few scratches from low-lying branches and moderately tangled spots in her brown hair, she emerged onto the county road a few minutes later.

Biting her lip and wondering what she should do about Sera, she approached her car. It was on the side of the road where she had parked it, along with several other cars. Engines fired up around her as the others escaped, and she reached into the pocket of her indecently short white shorts to fish out her keys.

She was struggling to remove them from the tight garment as she neared the trunk and something fell heavily upon her. Her breath left her with a harsh sound as she collided with the cool metal. Hands grabbed her wrists, and she resisted, determined not to be some pervert’s victim.

“Relax, Julie,” said a familiar voice near her ear.

“Oh, fu…” She trailed off with a groan as a handcuff slipped around her wrist. “Aw, come on, Derek. You aren’t really going to arrest me?”

“You have the right to remain silent.” He snapped the other cuff around her wrist. “But knowing you, I doubt you’ll exercise that right.” He delivered the last statement as he turned her to face him.

She glared up at her best friend’s brother, though he made her feel anything except real anger. “Don’t be such a cop, Derek.”

His firm lips tightened, but the stern look only enhanced the attractive ruggedness of his features, framed by dark brown hair that was probably a shade longer than it should be. His hat was somewhere else, but he wore the rest of the uniform and wore it well. Even though she hated being at his mercy, she still drooled at the sight of the older man.

“I’m a deputy, Julie Robinson, and you’re going downtown.”

She fluttered her lashes at him, leaning closer to his solid frame. “You don’t really mean it, Derek. You’re going to cover for me, aren’t you?”

He rolled his deliciously warm blue eyes. “I’m done covering for you, Julie. You might be Sera’s best friend, and I’ve cut you some slack because you’re a teenager just screwing around, but that’s over.”

She frowned. “It’s just a little favor.”

Derek glared. “Like the three times I’ve let you go with a warning for speeding? Or the night I caught you drinking with Sera on the side of the road?”

“We weren’t driving. Like I told you that night, we’d left a bonfire party and were waiting for my mother to pick us up.”

He snorted. “Your mother. Camilla…” With a shake of his head that revealed his low opinion of her mother, he clamped his lips shut and took a deep breath. “Jack would have a heart attack if he knew the stuff you’re doing, Julie.”

She shook her head. “I’m not doing anything.”

“Was it nothing when I caught you with Benji Shultz two weekends ago?” He almost growled the words. “He had a half ounce of marijuana, Julie.”

“I didn’t smoke any.”

He leaned closer, his face inches from hers. “I know, because your mouth was occupied with his cock.”

She froze, embarrassment making her face burn. It was true he had caught them in a compromising position, but she hadn’t been doing anything abnormal or wrong. That he was vibrating with anger upon mentioning it made her abort the automatic urge to justify herself again. Instead, she studied him for a long second, analyzing what she saw.

The conclusion she reached was simple and obvious. He was jealous. Her heart sang at the thought, and she hoped it meant Derek had finally noticed she was no longer the kid who was eight years younger, always trying to tag along behind him whenever she could. Dare she hope he had finally realized she wasn’t just his sister’s best friend? That she was nineteen and a woman?

“Jealous?” she asked sweetly.

His eyes turned to slits. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in—”

“Hmm, how about you against me?” She moved closer, deliberately rubbing her breasts against his arm. “We could have some fun, Derek.”

He scowled. “A court of law. You have the right to an attorney—”

She interrupted him again by stretching on her tiptoes to press her lips to his. It was awkward with her hands cuffed behind her, but she managed. His mouth remained hard underneath hers. Softly, she slid her tongue along the seam of his lips, pleased when he softened slightly, though he didn’t allow her entry.

Derek moved back a couple of inches, breaking the kiss. “If you can’t afford an attorney—” Light droplets of rain started falling, but the drizzle didn’t seem to bother him.

Julie licked the column of his throat, satisfied at the way he inhaled brokenly. He didn’t move as she trailed her tongue down his skin until she reached the blue cotton uniform shirt. Without her fingers free, she couldn’t undo the buttons, so she pressed light kisses to his chest through the fabric.

“One will be provided…” Derek trailed off as she dropped to her knees and pressed her forehead against his flat stomach. After clearing his throat, he continued, but sounded hoarse. “For you. Do you understand your rights?”

Ignoring his question, she took his waistband between her teeth and shook her head lightly. Pressing her cheek against the burgeoning erection, she glanced up at him through her lashes. “A little help, Derek? You could undo my cuffs or just open your pants.”

“Fuck, Julie.” He sounded pained, but followed neither suggestion.

With a sigh of annoyance, not defeat, Julie grasped the zipper tab between her teeth. It sent an unpleasant jolt through her when she bit down on the metal, but she persevered. Finally, the zipper yielded and his length pressed toward the gap in the fabric.

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