Kaity’s Forbidden Fantasy

Kaity is just looking for a night of fun when she sneaks into a nightclub to belatedly celebrate her eighteenth birthday with her friend. The sight of Blake, her father’s golf partner, soon stifles her enjoyment of the evening. When he extricates her from a sticky situation and insists on driving her home, she wonders if she’ll have the courage to confide her forbidden fantasy to the older man.

When Blake sees Kaity’s art studio full of sensual images of pregnant women, he finds himself unexpectedly aroused. It’s only when he’s snooping through her sketchbook of erotic pictures that he realizes just how ready Kaity is to be pregnant, and she’s already selected the father—him. Dare he give in to a forbidden desire and fulfill her fantasy?

This is a QuikRead and the perfect length to finish during the morning commute or while waiting for an appointment. No cliffhangers!


“Perv alert, eleven o’clock,” said Ellie before sipping her margarita. “Old guy is checking you out.”

Kaity looked up from her drink, scanning the area to her left, searching out the man who had triggered Ellie’s “perv alert.” She scanned several possibilities, finding a range of men from their twenties to their forties, though none seemed to be looking at her. “Where…oh, shit.” Abruptly, she set down the glass, though it contained no alcohol, and scanned the area, hoping for a quick exit.

“Calm down, Kaity. He’s actually really hot, considering he has to be about forty.”

“He’s thirty-seven.” At Ellie’s puzzled expression, she said, “That’s Blake Conrad, my dad’s golf partner.”

Ellie groaned too. “Oh, shit. Maybe you can duck out and deny it was you. Play dumb.”

“I don’t think that’ll work.” She lifted a corner of her mouth. “It’s not like Father would really care that I sneaked into a club with fake ID, as long as I don’t embarrass him.” Humiliating her father was really tempting, but she knew from experience that when he cracked down on her, it was always a painful experience. Rarely physically painful, especially now that she was eighteen, but certainly painful emotionally and often financially. Since he already considered it a waste of time and money, it would be just like her dad to cancel the payment for her first semester of art school, so she couldn’t risk behaving in a way that would tarnish his public image.

Sneaking a glance at Blake, she found his intent light-blue gaze still on her, his fierce frown obvious even across the crowd. Resisting the urge to stick out her tongue, she turned to pick up her drink and took a big swallow. It tickled her nose, and she giggled as she made an effort to focus on her best friend and pretend that he wasn’t there.

Still, as she tried to act as if she was having fun over the next hour, she could still feel his gaze following her every move. As she danced with a guy, keeping a respectful distance, she locked eyes with Blake, his disapproval clear. Defiantly, she moved a bit closer to her dance partner, who put his arms around her obligingly.

They danced a couple more songs, and then he bought her a drink. Within an hour, she knew quite about Rich, including the knowledge that she had no interest in pursuing anything beyond dancing and conversation. Apparently, Blake was having better luck, judging from the way he kept bending his head and smiling at the tiny blonde beside him, whose platinum shade was an interesting contrast to his dark-brown.

That was the kind of woman Kaity would never be. She was tall and curvy, with dark-brown hair that she kept short. Otherwise, the curls ran wild around her head. Suppressing a sigh, and trying to curb her jealousy, she returned her attention to Rich and Ellie, who was talking to some guy she had brought to the table. She had already forgotten his name, and it was an effort to keep up a cheerful façade.

Tonight was supposed to have been fun. It was her belated birthday present from Ellie, who had needed a little bit of time to hack into the DMV to get her a driver’s license. That hadn’t been too difficult for the computer whiz, but it still took the department about a week to mail out the license.

Kaity had been looking forward to this for weeks. Her first time at a nightclub, her first drink, and perhaps her first fuck, if she found a candidate who was close enough to the one she really wanted.

Until she saw Blake. It had dampened her enjoyment to the extent that she couldn’t seem to recapture her earlier spirit of fun. Soon enough, she was yawning like a senior citizen up past ten p.m., though hers was more from boredom than tiredness.

Rich noticed the second time, leaning across his chair to push a stray curl off her face in an overly familiar manner. “Tired, Sleeping Beauty?”

She forced a smile, not wanting to disparage his wit. He was probably quite proud of himself. “Just a bit. I think I’m ready to go home.” Since Ellie was deep in conversation with the other guy, she didn’t want to bother her for a ride. Reaching into her small purse, she pulled out her phone.

He put a hand over hers, blocking the call. “Who’re you calling?”

Annoyed by the unwanted intrusion and question, she pulled away. “Uh, a cab.”

Rich shook his head, displacing his carefully styled blond hair. “I’ll drive you.” The grin he flashed was probably supposed to be charming, but there was an edge to it that activated her internal warnings.

Forcing a smile, she said, “Nah, that’s okay. I don’t want to ruin anyone else’s fun.”

He drew circles on the back of her skin that sent icy shivers racing through her. It took everything Kaity had not to push him away. “We’ll just make our own fun. Get better acquainted…whatever.”

Kaity leaned a bit closer, so only he could hear her. “I appreciate the offer, Rich, but you should probably know I’m only eighteen.”

His eyes widened. “How’d you get in?”

“A fake ID.”

Interest gleamed in his eyes. “You’re a rebel, huh? I’m okay with that.”

“But I’m only eighteen,” she said again.

He shrugged. “You’re legal. That’s all that matters.” He swept a penetrating gaze over her. “Wait, are you a virgin?”

She glared at him before giving a tight nod, hoping that would dissuade him.

Rich’s grin looked creepy, though maybe it was just the flashing lights from the DJ’s station. “Hell, I don’t mind.” Leaning closer, he said as softly as the music would allow, “I’d enjoy it. Virgins are the best. So tight.” He put one of his fingers in his mouth, licked in a suggestive manner, and pulled it out with a popping sound. “You ready to go?”

Kaity didn’t bother to hide her disgust. “Gross. No, thanks.”

He scowled. “Don’t pretend you don’t want it.”

She returned his scowl. “All I wanted was some dancing and conversation. Nothing else.”

He put his hand high on her thigh, right under the hem of her short skirt. “Don’t be a cock tease.” His tight squeeze made her grimace. “This can still end up a fun evening.”

Kaity put her hand over his, digging in her nails. For the first time, she wished she kept them long enough to really hurt, instead of short so they wouldn’t get paint under them. “Let go of me.”

“Kaylee, don’t be like that.”

“Kaity,” she corrected, pulling at his hand.

Suddenly a much larger hand fell on Rich’s shoulder. “Release her now.”

Rich turned to glare at the interruption, but swallowed instead, apparently intimidated by Blake’s dark look and large build. “We’re just having some fun.” He lifted his hand with an air of sullenness.

“Get your things, Kaitlyn.”

Kaity bristled at Blake’s tone. “I’m not ready to leave yet.”

Releasing the annoying Rich, he came to her side, grasping her upper arm. “Yes, you are. You’re about two seconds from me slinging you over my shoulder and carrying you out of here.”

Her defiance wavered as she imagined the humiliation. Since she didn’t have any trouble picturing Blake being so barbaric, it didn’t feel like an empty threat. Gritting her teeth, she grabbed her bag and shrug, giving Ellie a quick word of parting before sliding off the chair to walk beside him. He clamped his hand around her wrist as though he didn’t trust her not to run away.

The blonde was waiting nearby, and Blake paused beside her when she put her hand on his arm. “Please reconsider, Blake.” She shot Kaity a dirty look. “I’m willing to wait up for you until you’re finished babysitting.”

“Not tonight, Jazmin.” With a small shrug, he displaced her hand and slipped past, dragging Kaity behind him.

He didn’t stop until they were at his car, where he opened the passenger seat of the black luxury sedan and put her inside a bit roughly. On autopilot, she fastened her seat belt as he came around to the driver’s side. Making a point of rubbing her wrist, she glared at him. “You’re a jerk.”

Blake’s head whipped around. “No, I’m fed up with watching you play a dangerous game, Kaity. Sit there and sober up while I drive you home.”

She fell into silence as he maneuvered through the city traffic. His words sank in, and an idea occurred to her when she realized he thought she was drunk. A really bad idea, but it might be her only chance to make a move. Was she brave enough to seize it?

She still hadn’t decided by the time they reached her house twenty minutes later. The light on above the garage was the only sign of life. Not that she was surprised. Her father was rarely home before early morning when he was in the state. Right now, he was in D.C. and wouldn’t be home for another couple of weeks, until the poor, overworked representatives took another well-deserved break after working for a day or two.

Kaity stumbled on the high heels when she got out of the car, realizing as he cursed impatiently and put an arm around her waist that her actions had led him to believe she was inebriated. The decision seemed made for her, and she decided to go with it, curving up against him and walking a bit wobbly. Tipping up her head, her chin brushed his chest. “I guess I should say thanks for the rescue.” In reality, she was still miffed that he’d felt the need to intercede, but a strong measure of relief muddled her ire that he had trampled on her independence.

One corner of his mouth curled up derisively. “Yeah, you’re welcome.”

He hauled her to her front step, and she dug in her bag for a key. After a moment, he lost patience with her clumsiness and took the key out in seconds. With efficient motions, he unlocked the door, half-dragged her over the threshold, and dropped her bag with the key on the foyer table.

Kaity took a step away from him, reeling a bit in the heels, and he caught her with a smothered oath. “Where’s your room?”

“Top of the stairs, third on the right.” She clung to him, enjoying the feel of his muscular body pressed against her soft curves. Though she had often imagined touching the older man, the reality of it was so much better than anything she had ever conjured. Only his willing participation and active touching in return could make it better.

That didn’t seem very likely as he steered her up the stairs, muttering impatiently the whole way. He wasn’t particularly gentle as he led her into the brightly colored room, almost shoving her into a chair. “I’m going to speak to your father about this, Kaity.”

She scowled. “Do whatever you want, Blake.” All the warm fuzzies from his touch faded when he opened his mouth. Sneering, she added, “He won’t care, since I didn’t do anything to cause a scandal or embarrass him politically.”

He frowned. “He’ll care that you went out drinking, illegally, and almost got raped.”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re being melodramatic. Rich was a creep, but I wasn’t in danger of being raped.” Softening her voice to hide any hurt, she said, “And you’re wrong. You should know Father well enough to realize he doesn’t care about me as his daughter. I’m only useful as a tool for his image.” Kaity twisted her lips. “He’d have loved it if I was raped. It would give him a platform to brag about his tough stance on crime.”

Blake’s eyes widened with shock. “You don’t really believe that?”

“Experience hasn’t shown otherwise.” Suddenly exhausted, Kaity tossed aside her purse and got to her feet. “I’m taking a shower. Thanks for the rescue and ride home that I didn’t request.” Without another look in his direction, too angry to be disappointed that her futile seduction attempt had failed, she scooped up a nightshirt and left him standing there. He would be gone when she came back from a hot shower, and she would either curl up in a ball of misery or immerse herself in a painting.


Blake stood in her room, indecisive, as Kaity walked away. He should probably leave right now, but he was worried about the young woman. She was upset and needed to sober up. It seemed prudent to stay a while longer, to ensure she was okay before leaving. His reluctance to leave had absolutely nothing to do with the phantom way he could still feel the softness of her body pressed to his.

Stalling on making a decision, Blake across the large room to the section she used for a studio. He knew she painted, and he thought Carlton had mentioned, in a rather mocking way, that he’d shelled out the tuition for a useless art program, but he’d never seen her work. Since she was only eighteen, and her father clearly believed it was a waste of time, he didn’t expect much as he examined the myriad canvases leaning against the wall, some on easels, and a few framed and mounted.

His eyes widened with surprise at the beauty and attention to detail. Kaity was painting a series of nudes, all women, and all in various stages of pregnancy. The rounded, fecund bodies glowed under her deft hand, and she had brought the models to life. The images evoked a range of emotions, including fear, joy, excitement, and sadness. To his embarrassment, they also provoked a raging hard-on. The soft, curvaceous forms left him aching with the need to explore the bodies physically, not just visually.

He wondered who her models were and picked up her sketchbook in hopes of finding more pictures. The answer became clear as he flipped through the first pages. She had sketched random women she encountered throughout the day, sometimes apparently without their awareness, and then had changed them into pregnant goddesses. The features were different, but there were enough similarities remaining to recognize which women had inspired each painting—though he doubted the women would have recognized themselves in the paintings. With incredible skill, Kaity had truly transformed them into something almost otherworldly.

Blake caught his breath when he flipped to the next section of the sketchbook. Pencil drawings of erotic couplings graced the pages. As with her other artwork, all of the models were pregnant. He paused to examine a drawing of a man on his knees over a woman, his cock resting on her swollen stomach. The expression of ecstasy on both their faces made his groin tighten, and he longed to be that man.

On the next page, she had used pencil to add color to that drawing. It was another man beside a very pregnant woman. One of her breasts was in his mouth, and the other dribbled milk down onto her belly. He could honestly say he’d never considered breastfeeding erotic, but Kaity made it look like an exquisite experience for the woman and her partner.

“What the hell are you doing?”

He looked up abruptly, feeling guilty, as she stormed toward him. Kaity snatched the book from his hand, her eyes resting on the picture he’d been looking at before slamming it shut.

“You have no right to snoop through my things.” Anger brought a spark to her hazel eyes that made her glow.

“I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” Speaking of uncomfortable, the sight of Kaity in that white sleep shirt, with her pink nipples clearly visible through the thin fabric, was making his pants much too tight. “You’re talented.”

“Thanks.” She said it grudgingly as she cradled the book. “Why are you still here?”

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