Mandy and the Detective

Bad Boys in Blue…good cops doing bad, bad things for love.
Shane Nolan is a decorated police officer, but he has a darker side. Mandy Austin is the object of his obsession. At first, she resists him, but there is something compelling about being wanted so badly that he’ll do anything to possess her—until he does something terrible to someone she loves to have her. Can she forgive his actions when she understands them, or has he forever ruined his chance of a future with her as his wife and the mother of his baby?

This story features the identical twin of Sean Nolan in “Chloe and the Cop.” Both stories may be read independently.


The motorcycle hummed just like it was supposed to, followed by a deep purr when she accelerated. Mandy nodded with satisfaction. The engine rebuild was a success. That was good news, since she’d spent most of the day working on it. Thinking about it reminded her of the ache in her shoulders and lower back from being bent over the machine.

As she changed lanes to return to her dad’s garage and clock out for the day, she cursed when lights flashed behind her. Racking her brain to try to determine what she’d done to catch Smokey’s attention, she signaled and turned off down an alleyway to get out of traffic.

The unmarked car stopped close behind her, and a tall officer not wearing a uniform unfolded himself from the sedan. He had a solid build his blazer couldn’t hide, and she couldn’t help appreciating as he drew closer. Mandy fumbled with the helmet as he got nearer, slipping it off to let her chestnut curls cascade over her shoulders. She wasn’t exactly trying to influence the officer, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to look as attractive as possible. When he stopped beside her, she found a smile. “Hello, officer.”

He inclined his head, taking a moment to remove his sunglasses to reveal glittering blue eyes. They were a nice match for his black hair, shorn close to his head, and offset by his tan. “Step off the bike.”

Mandy frowned. “Huh? Why?”

He made a come-hither motion. “Do it.”

She slid off the bike reluctantly, not sure where this was going. He stepped close enough for her to feel the heat radiating from him. It was a breezy May night, and the wind carried the scent of his spicy cologne to her nose. “What’s this about?” Honestly, she couldn’t recall anything she’d done that had broken the law. Mandy was a careful driver anyway, but especially in a customer’s vehicle.

“Put your hands on the seat.” His firm tone suggested he wouldn’t tolerate an argument.

She swallowed in an attempt to moisten her dry mouth while she did as he asked. Mandy gasped when he began frisking her, so surprised by his actions that she turned around to face him. “What are you doing?”

“Turn around. Now.”

She found herself obeying as a shiver of fear raced through her. This had to be some kind of mistake. Cops didn’t frisk for a ticket. “Please, officer, could you tell me what this is about?”

“You match a description.” His hands seemed to be moving slower than necessary as he knelt to slide them up her legs.

That made no sense. “But I had my helmet on. How could you tell?” She gasped again when he cupped her upper thigh, his hand perilously close to the crotch of her tight jeans. Mandy swore his thumb ghosted across her mound as he moved to run his hands down her other leg, but couldn’t be absolutely sure. Still, she held her breath, wondering if he was going to do something improper, until he’d finished his inspection and stood up.

His hands settled onto her hips, cupping them in an overly familiar manner for a moment, and she knew that wasn’t her imagination. Neither was the slow side of his hands up her waist and across her stomach, very nonchalantly stroking over her breasts in the light sweater. She couldn’t breathe again until he took a step back. “May I turn around?” she asked after a moment.


“Why are you doing this?” she whispered.

He leaned closer. “Sorry, I can’t hear you, miss.”

Mandy turned her head, her own hair obscuring her vision, even though his face was inches from her own. “Why did you stop me?”

“You match the description of someone with a hot little ass.”

He had turned so his body was angled oddly, and she realized he was blocking the dash-cam. “What do you want?”

The officer spread his hand across her buttocks, squeezing a bit. “License and registration.”

She blinked, certain he had been about to demand something ugly. Trembling, Mandy took a step back, so she could open the compartment on the motorcycle to retrieve the documents. “This is a customer’s vehicle, but here is his registration.” After handing it to him, she put her hands aloft. “My license and insurance card are in my pocket. May I get them?”


Mandy reached into her pocket to extricate her small wallet. Her hands still shook as she dug out the documents and handed them to the cop. He took them, his fingers stroking hers in the process.

His gaze pinned her to the spot. “Stay here while I run these.” Leaning just a bit closer, he whispered, “And stick out your chest. I want to see your breasts through that sweater.”

Mandy automatically crossed her arms over her chest, surprised when he didn’t demand she lower them. Frozen with fear, she stood by the bike as the officer returned to his car. It seemed to take forever, and she wondered if he was prolonging the process to heighten her anxiety.

She nibbled on her lower lip, wondering just what kind of game this guy was playing. By now, she was sure she hadn’t done anything wrong, and she didn’t think she matched anyone’s description, based on his suggestive words and stolen touches. Shooting a glance at the end of the alley, she was dismayed to see traffic moving along steadily. There were no witnesses and no help if he got violent with her.

Finally, he returned, and she held her breath. Her hand shook when she extended it to take back the papers, and he grasped it for a second. “You shouldn’t drive when you’re so keyed up, Ms. Austin.”

She nodded, too stressed to argue or point out he was the one making her this way. Mandy didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, in case he was doing all this because he got off on intimidating people.

“You’re free to go.”

Relief surged through her. “I guess you realized I’m not the girl you’re looking for.”

He winked one of his startling blue eyes, and it sent a pleasant tingle down her spine. “You aren’t a match for the person of interest, but I have a feeling you’re exactly what I’m looking for.” Inclining his head, he said, “Have a good night, Amanda.”

She watched until he returned to his car before mounting the bike. Mandy started it, but didn’t try to turn around until he had reversed from the alleyway and merged back into traffic. Her heart was racing in her ears as she made a smooth u-turn and got back onto the street a couple of minutes later. As much as she wanted to dismiss the whole thing from her mind, his parting words had held an ominous note.

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