Model Behavior

When curvy Emma models for a family friend shooting pictures for romance novel covers, she isn’t expecting there to be a second model. Cody is hot enough to melt her new panties, but that makes it harder to pose intimately with him and pretend she isn’t attracted. It doesn’t take long to realize the attraction is mutual, and their steamy photography session leads to a night of intense passion that can’t be anything else. They’re too different for it to be more than one night. Aren’t they?

SpicyShorts are compact tales that can be read in a brief amount of time with no cliffhanger endings or multiple parts.


Feeling a bit daunted, Emma stepped out of the dressing room. Shaking out her hair, she wasn’t paying attention. “Okay, Mona, let’s get this over with before my boobs explode out of this—uh.” She collided with a solid male presence that made her head snap up.

Even though she was tall, he was taller. Gorgeous too, with a nice tan, sparkling blue eyes, and thick, black curls topping his head. Her fingers itched to stroke them, and she balled her hand into a fist to curb the impulse. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t expect anyone else.” Her face bloomed with color as she silently added she wouldn’t have been discussing her boobs if she had.

He grinned, his eyes dipping very briefly to her cleavage before returning to meet her hazel gaze. “No problem.”

“Emma, darling, this is Cody Lemott. Cody, this is Emma Baylor.”

Emma took his hand, shaking firmly, while shooting Mona a puzzled look. “What’s he doing here, Mona?”

“He’s the other model, dear.”

Emma blinked. “Uh, what?”

Mona gave her a puzzled look with her sharp, dark eyes. “We’re doing romance covers here, dear, so readers are going to expect to see a couple.”

“Oh.” Oh god, why hadn’t she realized that? Why hadn’t she asked Mona about the possibility? Emma was reasonably secure with her curves, having had twenty years to get used to the state of her body, but the idea of modeling in couples’ poses with the hot guy beside her left her stomach churning with dread.

“Cody’s ready. I did his makeup while you changed.”

Emma nodded, eyes widening with relief that at least he hadn’t come in while she was still wearing that nightie. As her mother liked to say, it could always be worse.

Somehow, she forced her feet to move as she walked behind Cody back to the space in front of the lights. Her gaze rested on the taut curve of his buttocks in the dark blue jeans, and she had to make herself look away. The bed was off to the side of the place Mona was currently highlighting with the studio lights, and her stomach dipped again with the idea of having to pose with him on that.

No way. Mona wouldn’t go that far, and she wouldn’t allow it if her mother’s friend tried to persuade her. They’d have a couple of embracing pictures, and then Emma could clear out and let Mona do a one-on-one shoot with Cody.

“All right, dears, we’re not robots. Stand loosely and relax.”

Emma focused on her instructions, taking a deep breath that gradually unclenched her muscles.

“Now lean back against him, Emma. Put your head on his chest.”

Cautiously, she eased into the directed position, letting her head barely touch his chest. This was so awkward. She hadn’t done a lot of touching with the opposite sex, and the impersonal nature of this made it even stranger when it should have provided a buffer.

“Relax, Emma. Take a deep breath and rest against him.”

“I won’t bite,” said Cody in a low whisper, and his reassuring tone helped her relax. “Unless you ask me to,” he added in a teasing tone.

She stiffened again, but forced herself to sink against the firmly muscled chest and abdomen behind her.

“Good. Cody, put your hand on her hip.” Mona took a couple of pictures before issuing new instructions. “Now wrap your arm around her waist, hand on her tummy.”

Emma fought really hard not to jump like a skittish kitten when he followed the photographer’s instructions. Her fight got harder a second later.

“Now splay your hand out wide, Cody, fingers pointing downward. You’re reaching for her pussy.”

“Mona!” Emma didn’t know if she was more shocked by the casual vulgarity or the suggestion—or even how quickly Cody obeyed her. She trembled slightly when his hand spread across her abdomen, the tip of his middle finger just a few inches above her mound.

“Don’t be such a prude, dear,” said Mona in a dismissive way.

She didn’t consider her reaction prudish, but she resisted the urge to snap at Mona. Instead, she forced herself to pretend to be calm and stand in what she hoped was a passably relaxed way.

“Very good.”

It seemed like it took Mona ten years to take enough pictures before she was satisfied. During the entire process, Emma endured the touch of the stranger.

Okay, endured was a strong word. More like withstood her own need to cuddle closer and let his hand drift lower. It was a ridiculous reaction, and she reminded herself this was strictly business. Cody was behaving like a professional, and she needed to do the same despite her amateur model status.

“Excellent. Emma, turn toward Cody. Wrap your hands in his T-shirt, and pull it up his chest.”

Still focused on trying to be professional, she did as Mona told her, bunching the cotton around her hand in what seemed an awkward way. Cody’s indrawn breath had her freezing, and she looked up at him. “Am I hurting you?” She tried not to move her lips when she asked, in case Mona was actively photographing them.

“Killing me,” he said softly.

She frowned, trying to decide what could be bothering him.

“Now lean in closer, Emma. I want your torsos pressed together. You’re urgent for each other.”

With a small sigh, she complied before issuing her own gasp as their bodies met. The hard point of his erection against her hip was a shock. Perhaps he wasn’t as professional as he had seemed.

“Hold that pose.”

Emma stared up at him, trying to keep her expression neutral even in the face of his obvious embarrassment tinged with amusement. “Hurry up, Mona,” she said through mostly closed lips.

“There’s no need to rush.” Cody bent his head to bring their mouths just a few inches apart. “I’m having a wonderful time.”

Her eyes widened even as she heard Mona’s praise.

“Excellent, Cody. Hold that, and now kiss.”

She remained frozen when his lips touched hers, unable to respond due to shock. Could it be this guy really found her attractive, or was he just a good actor?

“He’s not your brother, dear. Try to relax and summon some enthusiasm. Put your arms around his neck and hold on. Yes, like that.” Mona sounded pleased as her camera clicked. “Now, lips touching again.”

It was strange to press her lips to his. They remained still, not really kissing, but giving the appearance of it. It was more awkward than her first kiss, when she hadn’t known what to do with her hands or how to tilt her head to avoid hitting Kyle Whitley’s nose.

“Great. Now for something else.”

Emma started to step back, gasping silently when Cody’s tongue flicked over the seam of her lips before he stepped back to await further instructions. She barely resisted the urge to let her own tongue follow the same path as she looked away, confused by his actions.

And turned on. She couldn’t deny her pulse was suddenly pounding in her ears, and that her nipples had gotten harder.

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