Reverse Harem

The standard definition of reverse harem is when one woman has a relationship with three or more men.

The HLV virus wiped out 90% of the population, leaving the survivors to figure out how to keep surviving. They start to notice more men than women survived, which leads to polyamorous relationships.

The end of the old world is Lyss’s new beginning when she meets a small group of military men. They offer her safety, training, and more.

Sofia survived HLV and a year at the government’s mercy as a test subject. Escaping leads her to Ben and Joshua, who give her reasons to live, not just survive. But Fort Glacier isn’t done with her yet…

Natalie faces new threats and finds four loves when she joins Collier’s group.















Grace faces an HLV outbreak along with finding her way into a relationship with three men.












More in the Hell Virus series (coming throughout 2019-2020):

#5 in the Hell Virus series. (Maisie’s story.)

#6 in the Hell Virus series. (Lori’s story.)

#7 in the Hell Virus series. (April’s story.)












True North Series:

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