A Step-by-Step Guide for Purchasing

How to Make a Purchase in the Bookstore

Find the title you want and click on the button that has the price:











You can check out now by clicking the same button again, or continue shopping by clicking on Your Direct Bookstore link from the top menu and choosing more books.












When you’ve made all selections, either click Checkout on your final selection, or look at the menu on the top of the screen and select Checkout. It will take you to the cart page, which looks like this:

















Once you click Purchase, it will take you to PayPal’s checkout, where you can choose to log in and use your PayPal information, or opt to check out as a guest by selecting “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.” The screen looks like this:















After paying, you will receive a confirmation page that looks like this. Make sure you click on “Return To Merchant” to be able to download your files:




















After clicking “Return to Merchant,” you will go back to the page where your purchases will be available for download:












If the links aren’t immediately visible, you might need to reload the page a few seconds to a minute or so later. Download your purchases. If you have any problems, email Kit at amourisapress at cableone dot net without spaces and in the typical format.


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