BriarEdge Academy

They don’t want her there. She doesn’t care if they push her out until she finds good reasons to stay at BriarEdge Academy.
Seven months ago, Candace was just a normal girl, living in a sketchy neighborhood with her single mother and going to a public school. Then her mother went and fell in love, marrying rich guy Ashton Westerly, and they want their kids to be one happy, blended family. Part of that plan is to send all three to the exclusive BriarEdge Academy. Candace isn’t happy to spend her senior year at the elite boarding school, and her stepsiblings aren’t happy to have her. Malone, the evil stepsister, goes out of her way to make life miserable. Her stepbrother, Dalton, seems to want to destroy her. If he’s not torturing her, he’s trying to kiss her, and she hates him as much as she wants him.

The academy isn’t all bad. There’s Lex, her fellow student, who is sweet and protective, though she can take care of herself. There’s also Jonas, tasked with caring for the magnificent roses of BriarEdge, who finds her as beautiful as his beloved blooms. Professor Kip Stuart is completely forbidden, but that’s just a harmless crush—unless he feels the attraction too…

This is a series intended for mature YA and adult readers. It includes some cursing, mild violence, a few darker elements, and sex. It is a contemporary reverse harem academy romance with some bullying, including from one of her love interests. When four is better than one, #whychoose?

This is a three part series. Parts one and two are published, and part three is coming soon.

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