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Welcome to the place where things that go bump in the night deliver your milk in the mornings, community is important to human and creature alike, and all Hell occasionally breaks loose.
When Jody Shaw is hired to be the new sheriff of Harrow Bay, a small coastal community, she’s excited to rise through the ranks and try something new. At forty-three, her career is everything that matters to her, besides her mother and grandmother, who move with her. They soon learn Harrow Bay is a supernatural town.

This volume contains books 1-13 of the completed 13-book series and is available NOWHERE ELSE.

Marked for Death. Fighting for Justice. Destined for Love.

Ex-soldiers Wyatt, Devon, Lex, and Malcolm were all part of the same black ops mind control experiment that left psychic scars on the shifters. They’re struggling to recover from what the military did to them when they learn they’re marked for death. At first, they’re just fighting to survive, but their quest soon takes them on a journey for answers, an opportunity to end the illegal experiments permanently, and a long-awaited chance to get justice for themselves and their fallen comrades. Along the way, they meet their fated mates and discover life is more than surviving, and love is the critical component necessary to really live.

A collection of novels, novellas, and short stories about irresistible older men, the women who love them, and the babies that result. Almost 200,000 words in all!

This bundle features nine of Kristianna Sawyer’s most popular sweet and steamy baby-making age gap reads from the “Having His Baby” Collection. These young women find love, passion, and babies with sexy older men. No cheating and always a happy ending.

QuikReads are the perfect length to finish during the morning commute or while waiting for an appointment. No cliffhangers!

Love among the stars.

Olympus Station is a hub of Coalition activity, along with being a hotbed of alien and human pairings, mysteries, intrigue, danger, and romance. For the first time, get all three volumes in the series available as a compilation for your binge-reading convenience.

Celestial Mates Agent Freydon Rote sets in motion four mate pairings in the Cybernetic Hearts series. It all begins when he brings modern-day human Carrie four centuries into the future, where she finds a ravaged planet and a war between humans and cyborgs—and also the love of her life in the cyborg general, DVS84. Their match is the catalyst for cyborgs JSN42, MX, and RVN to find their human mates while finding a way to end the war between the cyborgs and humans while fighting their mutual enemy, the synths.