Alien General’s Rebel Consort (Special Price)


Can two enemies find a way to love?
When Tarsans invaded Earth two years ago, Kendall’s cell was one of many around the world tasked with guerilla warfare and fomenting rebellion. When she has the chance to execute the general of Sector Seven, she takes it, thwarted at the last moment by an act of heroism by his protégé. To buy her people time to escape, she confesses to being the sniper. She expects to be killed for her crime, but Tarek imposes an unthinkable sentence instead.

He takes her as his consort, deeming she’ll give a life for the life she took by providing him with a son. She can escape, but she decides to stay, hoping to find a way to bring down the Tarsans with access to a part of the city-ship rebel spies have never obtained. She doesn’t expect to lose her heart along the way, and when the opportunity to help humans presents itself, she’s torn by the need to betray him and their deepening bond, though she has no choice.

Tarsans consider females weak, especially human females. At first, Tarek thinks Kendall is lying when she claims credit for trying to shoot him and coordinating the attacks on his people over the past two years. When she stabs him through the heart, he’s more convinced, and as the days progress, he sees depths of strength in her that he comes to respect. Love blossoms in spite of them, but can it survive Kendall’s ultimate plan, and what it will mean for the Tarsans?

This captive alien invasion romance touches on some dark issues, and there are scenarios that might be upsetting to sensitive readers.