Baby For Her Boss


Denny is forty-three and a new grandfather, so he shouldn’t be lusting after his younger executive assistant. When he discovers Trisha is planning to use artificial insemination, the fantasies of making her pregnant drive him to distraction. When they are unexpectedly caught in a snowstorm together, he has a chance to make his move. If Denny can get past his hang-ups over the age difference, and his insecurities that she couldn’t possibly want him, it’s his opportunity to offer to be Trisha’s donor. The caveat is he offers his sample the old-fashioned way, and it comes with some strings attached, like a lifetime commitment…
This is a QuikRead and the perfect length to finish during the morning commute or while waiting for an appointment. No cliffhangers!
This story is related to “David’s Baby,” but both stories may be read alone.