Cybernetic Hearts Compilation


Celestial Mates Agent Freydon Rote sets in motion four mate pairings in the Cybernetic Hearts series. It all begins when he brings modern-day human Carrie four centuries into the future, where she finds a ravaged planet and a war between humans and cyborgs—and also the love of her life in the cyborg general, DVS84. Their match is the catalyst for cyborgs JSN42, MX, and RVN to find their human mates while finding a way to end the war between the cyborgs and humans while fighting their mutual enemy, the synths.

The complete collection includes:

“Mated To The Cyborg General”

“Claimed By The Cyborg Commander”

“Fated For the Cyborg Officer”

“Meant For The Cyborg Captain”

“Baby For The Cyborg General”


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