Enemy Combatant


They invaded the wrong planet!

In the near future, Tarsans took Earth in such a short time there was barely any chance to prepare or resist. The Tarsans have crippled most of the human men and genetically modified the women to bear their offspring, but Kendall and her group refuse to accept that. She is one of the few remaining enemy combatants, with her cell tasked with guerilla warfare and fomenting rebellion. When she has the chance to execute the general of Sector Seven, she takes it, thwarted at the last moment by an act of heroism from his protégé. To buy her people time to escape, she confesses to being the sniper. She expects to be killed for her crime, but Tarek imposes an unthinkable sentence instead.

He takes her as his consort, deeming she’ll give a life for the life she took by providing him with a son. She can escape, but she decides to stay, hoping to find a way to bring down the Tarsans with access to a part of the city-ship rebel spies have never obtained. Her espionage pays off as she forms connections and a plan to level the playing field and force the Tarsans to engage instead of enslave but it all comes at great personal cost.

This alien invasion military SFR is perfect for fans of Jessie Mihalik, Jenny Schwartz, Jennifer Estep, and T.A. White.


This is a revised version of the SciFi romance “Alien General’s Rebel Consort.” It focuses more on the SF than the romance.