Fated For The Cyborg Officer


Celestial Mates—Romancing the Galaxy…
Due to a flaw in her conversion that left her less of a cyborg, RVN99, or Raven, is like every cyborg’s little sister. The others protect her, and none of them treat her like she’s capable—until the general gives her a chance to prove herself. At Celestial Mates agent Freydon Rote’s request, he sends her to the humans’ enclave to work with Leith Campbell, the new leader, to discover if there is an underground human resistance to stop the cyborg/human treaty. She’s looking for anyone who could disrupt the peace, but she’s soon convinced she has found the human fated to be hers. If only Leith weren’t so stubborn about resisting their union…Can a love fated outside of time and space conquer his resistance and bring them the healing and acceptance they both need? Find out in this latest installment in the Celestial Mates (and Cybernetic Hearts) series, brought to you by USA Today bestselling author Kit Tunstall, writing as Aurelia Skye.

This story can be read as a standalone, but the overall story arc is strengthened by reading each in order.