The mystery is heating up quickly.

The Alien Immigration and Integration Department monitors activities of aliens living on Earth while hiding their presence among us.

Junior A.I.I.D. agent Lauren Sage is unexpectedly thrust into the biggest case the Department’s had in years. She’s sent to work undercover as the assistant on Kerr Dracos’s stage act. He’s created a home for displaced aliens from all over the galaxy, recreating an old-fashioned sideshow in the Grotesquerie. Humans think it’s an illusion, remaining unaware the “freaks” in the show are actually aliens living among them. But someone is using the show as a way to sell illegal and dangerous alien technology. Kerr’s brother has been implicated, and he wants the truth to clear Kex. She wants to solve the case and stop dangerous weapons from getting into the hands of amoral thugs. The partnership leads to more than either expected, but the threat of alien technology is growing, and when someone targets Lauren, she begins to wonder if she’ll survive long enough to identify who is moving the dangerous tech.

Please note this is a revised version of a SFR title that’s been modified to remove most of the adult content besides some tension and fade-to-black moments and is more SF than SFR. If you’d prefer the original spicy version, look for “Fire Lord’s Assistant.”

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