Lord Kressley’s Stolen Paramour


He’d do anything to have her. Even steal her away.
Colin Nash, The Marquess of Kressley, takes one look at the lovely actress on the stage and loses his heart. He will give anything to have her, but when Maddy Carew continues to resist his offers to make her his paramour, he is driven to desperation. In an impulsive act, he steals her and whisks her to his country estate, where he sets about making her acknowledge the desire between them.As they get to know each other, his love for her grows, and he thinks she is softening toward him despite her continued defiance. He learns her history isn’t what he expected or guessed, and he is stricken by the need to right the wrongs he’s perpetuated. When a secret from her past emerges, threatening what they’re building, will he be able to protect her, or will it be the end of their developing bond and their very lives?This contains some darker elements that could be triggering for some readers.