Love Spells & Liver Spots (Harrow Bay, Book #4)



Love is spreading like a virus…
Love is in the air in Harrow Bay, and it’s spreading like a contagion. Between the canoodling couples practically stripping in the street and the swift escalation of her own newly developing relationship with Drake, Jody becomes suspicious. There seems to be more to this love than natural causes. It’s making people desperate and obsessed to be with the objects of their affection. It brings out the best—and worst—in the residents of Harrow Bay.

As Jody tries to figure out who has cast a love spell on the town, Beez has an unexpected visitor, and Willa finds her feelings for her friend escalating so rapidly she can’t ignore them. Isabel is focused on bringing down Sally, and she’s willing to turn to desperate means to do it. Cupid’s arrow has struck the town, but Jody fears it’s more like a missile, and she worries about the impending explosion if they can’t get the raging hormones and loving desperation under control.

Welcome to Harrow Bay

The Reading Order for Harrow Bay

  1. Hell Gates & Hot Flashes
  2. Nightmares & Night Sweats
  3. Warlocks & Wrinkles
  4. Love Spells & Liver Spots
  5. Phantasms & Presbyopia
  6. Vampires & Varicose Veins
  7. Mermaids & Mood Swings
  8. Seances & Sagging Skin
  9. Necromancy & Knee Pains
  10. Marids & Memory Loss
  11. Devil Deals & Dizzy Spells
  12. Happy Endings & New Beginnings