Mistaken Bounty


The bounty that doesn’t pay.

What started out as the worst day ever just got worse. Incorrectly identified as her strange roommate, Jory is taken by a handsome alien bounty hunter. She wakes on his ship, and he’s determined not to believe her insistence she isn’t the missing princess he’s supposed to retrieve. He’s stubborn and infuriating, but when their ship crashes on a blistering wasteland of a backwater planet, she has to rely on him to survive. All she wants is to get back to Earth but soon realizes that’s never happening…


This alien abduction SFR is perfect for fans of Jessie Mihalik, Jenny Schwartz, Jennifer Estep, and T.A. White.

Please note this is a revised version of a SFR title that’s been modified to remove most of the adult content besides some tension and fade-to-black moments and is more SF than SFR. If you’d prefer the original spicy version, look for “Princess By Mistake.”

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