Necromancy & Knee Pains (Harrow Bay, Book #9)



Powered-up, Liquored Up, or Fired Up? Or All Of The Above? This Festival Means Trouble.
The Ash Moon Festival brings an influx of magical tourists all seeking to power-up with the ley lines in Harrow Bay. Jody’s busy enough with that issue, but when Sally Gilling’s cousin comes to town, she’s spread even thinner. Ingrid is a powerful necromancer, and she’s determined to avenge Sally’s disgrace.Willa is learning more about herself and finds courage she didn’t expect. Unfortunately, her decision to act is a bad idea, and she’s in over her head.Isabel does Internet magic (again!) that practically explodes her knees, landing her in a wheelchair for a while. With a necromancer in town, determined to get vengeance, and with Isabel as her #1 priority target, it’s a bad time to be incapacitated, even if Isabel is Hell on wheels.When Ingrid proves to be more than Jody can handle, she makes a desperate choice. With the fate of everyone in Harrow Bay hanging in the balance, can she find a way to defeat a necromancer, save the people she loves, and still find time for a romantic Valentine’s Day date with Drake?