Northstar Heir’s Scarred Mate



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Fate has offered a second chance, but there’s always a price.
Years ago, Claire’s sister loved Bodie’s brother enough to elope with him. Humans and wolf-shifters aren’t allowed to mate, but they would have defied convention if a terrible car accident hadn’t killed the young lovers and left Claire scarred and broken. She never confessed her crush to Bodie, but he knew and didn’t act on it. She was too young and too human back then.

Now, she copes by hiding from the world. When future Alpha Bodie comes back into her life, it forces her to truly live again. The attraction sparks anew, and he sees her beauty inside and out. There might finally be a chance for happiness, but old prejudices remain on both sides. The mysterious Human Purity Movement starts harassing the shifter sanctuary town of Northstar, and the pack responds.

With intolerance on both sides trying to pull them apart, Claire and Bodie cling desperately to each other. She’s determined not to lose him, and he swears he’ll walk away from everything for her. They’re committed, but the final test facing them is the worst, and it could be enough to pull them apart and destroy the entire shifter community.