Out Of Bounds


As my sister’s best friend and barely out of college, she’s totally out of bounds…


I volunteer to let my sister’s best friend stay with me for a few weeks when she moves to Manhattan. I remember her as an awkward teenager, but she’s all grown up—though still twelve years younger than me. I shouldn’t want her, but I can’t help it. I dream about touching her, and I don’t know how long my tenuous control will last. My meddling business partner keeps warning me not to get involved to preserve my image, so my desire must be transparent. If Vanessa can see it, so will my family. I don’t want anything to come between us, but how can I give up Keaton?



I thought my silly crush on Evan had faded away, but it’s roaring back to life the more time I spend with him. I’m afraid it’s not just a crush this time. As we get emotionally—and physically—closer, my feelings deepen. I think his do as well, but we know this can’t last. His family, who is practically like mine as well, will never approve. I know my best friend will hate me if she finds out. How can there be a happy ending for us with so many obstacles in our way?


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