Séances & Sagging Skin (Harrow Bay, Book #8)



It’s a holly jolly Hell-iday in Harrow Bay.
It’s nearly Christmas in Harrow Bay, and Drake is ready for his first holiday with Jody. She’s happy to share the experience with him too, but she could do without the distraction of a possible scam artist in town, posing as a medium, and a vengeful ghost who targets Patty and her mother by extension.
Willa loves the holidays, but this year is dampened by Liesel’s petty machinations to interfere between her and Patty. The arrival of Patty’s old boyfriend at Liesel’s behest raises doubts and causes suspicions as she questions if they have what it takes to make their relationship last.


Isabel continues to search for the right path in her magical pursuits. She’s determined to protect Willa from heartbreak, even if her methods drive her daughter farther away.

Christmas will either bring them all together, or all hell will break loose. Probably both.