Thirteen months after a solar event and government sabotage crippled most of the world’s electronics, Mina and her family endure on their farm. At first, the return of her brother-in-law and the remaining members of his Army platoon is cause for celebration, but it doesn’t take Mina long to discover he has brought a dangerous man into their midst. Determined to claim Mina for his own, Shane’s pursuit is relentless. She finds solace in Cooper, but knows she can’t act on her attraction if she wants to keep everyone safe from Shane. When Coop discovers Shane’s true nature, a violent confrontation ensues that splits the group and brings more danger to the farm, leaving the group fighting not just to survive, but to keep their haven intact.


This is a full-length genre-blending novel, approx. 95,000 words, plus a free bonus novella of the first book in the series.

Search Terms: psychological thriller, romance, love, violence, war, fighting, military, dark, military fighting war, survival, prepping, after solar event, postapocalyptic romance, Scifi romance, sensual romance, postapocalyptic