Vampires & Varicose Veins (Harrow Bay, Book #6)



BFFs and Bloodsuckers Shouldn’t Mix
When Jody’s BFF blows through town, she has to shield Daphne from the truth of Harrow Bay. Her friend complicates that when she starts dating Ryland. Jody is nervous about her being with a vampire, especially when Daphne doesn’t know what he is. With Drake busy chasing an extremely dangerous, high-level escapee from Hell, and having to contend with the temporary deputy sent to fill in for Michael while he’s on vacation, Jody feels stretched thin.Willa and Patty traverse new ground, and Isabel makes a new friend. Things are much the same, but everything is different and constantly in flux. In other words, it’s a normal day in Harrow Bay…as normal as things ever are. Jody just has to keep it all together, hide the secret of the town, and potentially protect her friend from a suitor who might want to give more than love bites. No problem. Right?