A smoldering spark that flames to life.
Twenty years ago, Ellie gave up a promising culinary career to raise her kids while her now ex-husband skyrocketed to fame and fortune with a string of restaurants she helped him build. Divorce has given her a new world of possibilities, but she’s not brave enough to audition for celebrity chef Ian Scott until her kids and BFF trick her into it. He offers her the job, to her surprise, and it’s a struggle to keep her thoughts on work instead of her hot boss.

Twenty years ago, Ian lost his chance with Ellie before he ever really had it. Now that she’s free and in front of him again, he won’t waste another opportunity. He wants to nurture her culinary potential, but most of all, he wants her-body, heart, and soul. She belongs with him. She just doesn’t know it yet.

The only thing hotter than the kitchen is the spark between these two mature characters. This is a sweet, steamy, succinct tale of two well-seasoned people, who find love after forty.

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