Three Crones Inn

Welcome to Three Crowns Inn, where the beds are dusty, and the spirits are lively.

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A Ghostly Inn-heritance…

Newly divorced Meredith is looking to start over, and the old inn her ex-husband’s aunt left her seems perfect. When she arrives, she discovers the locals call Three Crowns Inn Three Crones due to reported ghostly sightings. She dismisses that and focuses on the inn being a dump. She soon discovers the locals are right, and the place is haunted by three ghosts.

Hunter, the handsome caretaker, is an added plus and complication. Life over 40 will never be boring at Three Crones Inn.


Meredith Sullivan

She’s starting over at 47, going from socialite wife, mother, and consummate hostess to innkeeper. She’s denied her ability to see ghosts all her life, but she can’t any longer when she meets her new ghostly roommates.

Lucy leaves a letter telling her she might be a necromancer, and there’s the mystery of the lighthouse to solve. Despite all that, the scariest part of her new life might just be Hunter, the caretaker. She isn’t ready for romance again…is she?

Meredith’s New Friends

hunter duncanAugustaGeminiLottie
Hunter Ellison, 46, knows more about the property and Lucy’s secrets than he’ll admit. Is it to protect Meredith or to hide something? He’s handsome, a little snarky, and doing his best to get over traumatic events in his past that have left him struggling to rebuild a relationship with his adult son. Duncan is his Great Dane-mix, and he’s the charming one of the duo.Augusta Mills came to Three Crowns at the age of 62 to finish her novel. She died in her sleep in 1903, and her spirit hasn’t left. She seems proper and often disapproving, but Augusta has a juicy secret she’ll eventually have to share…Gemini Taylor was a jazz singer and just 24 when she and her fiance ran afoul of revenue agents while trying to smuggle in liquor from Canada in 1926. She was killed in the process and couldn’t make herself leave when the light appeared. She’s fun, lighthearted, and a bit naive.Lottie Crown was the original mistress of Three Crowns, back when it was a family estate. Her husband wanted an heir she couldn’t give him, so he killed her at 38 to marry his pregnant mistress. Lottie tries not to be bitter about it, but she’s jaded, particularly about romance. She was too angry to leave, and she’s been at the inn since her death in 1819.
ghosts and Meredith