Olympus Station Compilation



Love among the stars.

Olympus Station is a hub of Coalition activity, along with being a hotbed of alien and human pairings, mysteries, intrigue, danger, and romance. For the first time, get all three volumes in the series available as a compilation for your binge-reading convenience.

Titles Include:

Station Commander’s Surrogate
When Piper agrees to be the surrogate for her dying sister’s developing baby, she doesn’t expect it to give her a second chance with her first love–or put her in the cross-hairs of the murderer who targeted her twin.

Alien Prince’s Secret Baby
Hadley is the busy second-in-command of Olympus Station, with no time for romance until she meets a handsome alien prince. He’s forbidden, but they can’t deny their need for one night, which leads to a secret that will soon be impossible to hide!

Security Agent’s Alien Bartender
Emily has suspicions, and Anth has an agenda. Can they set aside both, along with the simmering tension between them, to discover and thwart the nefarious purposes of an ancient enemy?